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Tiki Trailers & Släpvagnar

Tiki Trailers & Släpvagnar

Our mission

Car owner – we are your best choice in finding a personal transportation solution. Our production of trailers is based on a long-time experience, clean technologies, and quality.

Long-time experience –We have been producing trailers for the Baltic and Scandinavian markets for over 20 years, satisfying the needs of even the most demanding customers. The harsh Nordic climate has posed a real challenge to our product developers – to construct trailers with great reliability and a modern design. All Tiki Treiler trailers are characterised by their functionality and innovative construction. To ensure the maximum reliability of our trailers, all parts not manufactured in our factory are purchased from the world’s leading manufacturers.

Quality–We choose the most durable materials in order to ensure the structural strength of our products, while also not forgetting the importance of product design in the development process. Our organisation and production processes meet the requirements of the ISO 9001 and 14001 standards, and all the steps of the production process go through a rigorous quality control. The Tiki Treiler production plant employs the most modern hot dip galvanisation technologies available in Europe providing our trailers with weather resistance for years.

Preserving the environment –Our production process employs the most modern machinery and most innovative materials. We feel that we bear the responsibility for preserving the surrounding environment. All the workers at the plant are responsible for ensuring that their work is environmentally friendly by following the rules and instructions set in place for this purpose at the enterprise that ensure the efficient use of resources and minimum contamination of the surrounding environment.


Bestnet Ltd. is an Estonian capital based manufacturing enterprise, established in 1990.
Since then our objective has been to produce high-quality trailers that meet the expectations and requirements of our customers.
Our trailers are marketed under the trademark TIKI in Sweden, Norway, Russia, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, and under the trademark AKU in Finland.
On yearly basis we manufacture and market over 15 000 trailers, out of which 93% are exported.
Bestnet Ltd. has implemented a quality management system in accordance with the ISO 9001:2000 standards.
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